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Browser based APM experience
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Our APM Web Client allows users to Enter the World of Their Application through a web browser. It is optimal for users who do not want to install the client but rather easily access it on their mobile device or desktop.


Integrate Immersive APM into your software with support for most popular languages


Monitor and view applications all within a single glance


Quickly and effectively conduct rapid root-cause analysis

Traces and Logs:
Single spans or whole traces stacks

A click, a write, a load, anything.

A trace represents something that is occurring in an application, ecosystem or problem space. This could be as simple as clicking a button or loading a web page.

As a single span represents a single operation, a trace represents logically related operations. Examples of this would resetting a password or updating UI.

Related spans travel together and create a flame-graph usable for further troubleshooting and diagnosis.

The Grid:
Where traces and logs are displayed

Intuitive navigation through actions and actors in the application, ecosystem or problem space.

The grid of Immersive APM shows operation throughput and overall flow.

If you have an empty grid, it means your application is idle.

A live ecosystem will display various colors that represent the status of each operation.

Streamlined Setup and Integration

Ingress, Retention, Search

Packages available for any business size

Rapid Root Cause Analysis

Web and 3D/VR tooling

Find answers within a single glance

Global Deployment

Accessed Anywhere

Our servers are available no matter your location

Comprehensive Support

Chat, Email, Consulting

Expert support when you need it.

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