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It's really that simple. Being a partner can create a relationship between your team and ours so that we can exchange feedback more rapidly, share new ideas and even offer sneak peaks and development builds that you can try.

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Immersive Fusion offers both a APM web and 3D/VR experience. The use cases for rapid root cause analysis, diagnosis and interacting with an environment grid are different between web and 3D and even more so in a VR application. Many times, we will try an approach and find out our partners do not find it useful. Other times, the partner relationships are so creative and beneficial that what started a rough idea, becomes a mainstream feature in the suite of Immersive Fusion solutions.

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Partners need to be recognized. Participating in a Kickstarter campaign, time or financial contributions that is not part of your subscription cost for Immersive APM adds to a total amount contributed by partner. Based on the total value you contributed, you can choose to be featured in the Immersive APM Hall of Supporters.

The Hall of Supporters is a special location in the Immersive APM 3D/VR world. There, your company logo will be shown for everyone to see and appreciate that you are a vital part of the Immersive Fusion journey.

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Partners get to choose from an array of exclusive office Immersive Fusion merchandise for all occasions. An excellent and different way to be comfortable and show off that you are a vital part of the Immersive Fusion journey.

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