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Application Performance Management

Monitor and manage your software application

Application Performance Monitoring and Management (APM) is a set of practices and tools used to monitor and manage the performance of software applications. APM is used to detect and diagnose performance issues, optimize application performance, and ensure that applications are running effectively.

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Single Pane of Glass

APM by Immersive Fusion

Immersive APM is a next-generation APM solution that provides a more holistic approach to monitoring and managing application performance. It is designed to provide real-time, end-to-end visibility into the performance of complex, distributed applications, including cloud-native and microservices-based applications. It beyond traditional APM solutions, which typically focus on monitoring the performance of individual components or services within an application. Instead, Immersive APM provides a complete view of the entire application stack, including all of the underlying infrastructure, services, and dependencies.

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The evolution of application performance management.

Immersive observability of software refers to the ability to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of a software application's behavior by immersing oneself in a virtual environment.

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Cloud Native

Design and built for the cloud

Cloud native applications offer many benefits, including increased agility, scalability, and cost efficiency. By designing our applications specifically for cloud computing environments, we take advantage of the unique capabilities of these platforms to deliver faster and more reliable services to our customers in the cloud or on-premise.

It's more than monitoring. It's being inside your application.

Immersive Fusion services enable you to Enter the World of your Application ™ because we organically use all four dimensions to create an experience that you are used to in the real world: Be able to interact with and see any aspect of your application at any granularity with limited effort and immediate results.

Application Performance Monitoring Evolution

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