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About the Hall

The Hall of Supporters is a part of the Immersive APM 3D/VR technology. This innovative space is dedicated to showcasing the diverse group of investors and supporters who have played a crucial role in the success of the project. Through a combination of immersive visuals and interactive features, users are able to explore and learn about each supporter and the impact they have had on the project.

Interactive Tour

Join us in celebrating our supporters.

Upon entering the Hall of Supporters, users are greeted with a breathtaking sight - a vast, open space designed to replicate a modern conference center. The architectural design is sleek and sophisticated, with elements that pay homage to traditional buildings while embracing a futuristic aesthetic. At the heart of the hall lies a circular display that highlights each supporter who has reached a significant financial milestone in their ongoing support of Immersive Fusion. Users have the ability to navigate through this display using a virtual reality controller, allowing them to interact with and learn more about each supporter.


Each supporter is uniquely represented by a logo or icon that is prominently featured on the screen. When a user selects a specific supporter, they are presented with a wealth of detailed information, including the supporter's name, their contributions to the project, and any other pertinent details related to their level of support. This additional information gives users a deeper understanding of the impact that each supporter has had on the project and helps to foster a sense of connection between the users and the supporters.

Immersive APM Hall of Supporters

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