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Immersive APM provides the visibility you need to ensure your application is performing at its best. Get end-to-end observability across simple or complex environments: code-level operations with logs, errors, stack traces and performance metrics are at your fingertips.

Our solutions are available through a web browser for quick analysis or on mobile devices as well as an installed application providing the latest in real-time, rich and Immersive APM experience.

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Simple onboarding

It takes 15 minutes or less to get going!

We want you to help you get results as soon as possible! Integration with Immersive APM is as simple as adding a package to your application and takes a few minutes.

The applications that you enable Immersive APM on have their data automatically aggregated in one place, giving you a single pane of glass to achieve results. Your data is available in the Immersive APM web client through your browser or in real-time inside the Immersive APM 3D/VR client application. There is no overhead on your application performance. You can also integration with the Immersive APM APIs to extract or populate information.

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Rapid Root-Cause Analysis

Enter the World of Your Application ™

Whether your software is an application deployed on a single server or a complex distributed micro-service application deployed to containers, you want to know it has good performance and it is error-free.

Get the observability and APM you need with Immersive Fusion: an innovator in Application Performance Monitoring and Management. Determine the root of the problem with detailed trace, log, and metric data. Get deep insight using real-time and snapshot views of your application, its dependencies, the relationships and the interactions between them. Take advantage of contextual and ambient information to analyze your application by itself and as affected by its dependencies.

Native instrumentation using OpenTelemetry

Standard packages using OTLP and more!s
Native instrumentation for OpenTelemetry provides a simple and easy-to-use framework for collecting telemetry data from distributed systems. It allows most mainstream applications to work out of the box with Immersive APM, which makes it an ideal solution for organizations looking to improve their application performance monitoring capabilities.

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It's more than monitoring. It's being inside your application.

Immersive Fusion services enable you to Enter the World of your Application ™ because we organically use all four dimensions to create an experience that you are used to in the real world: Be able to interact with and see any aspect of your application at any granularity with limited effort and immediate results.

Application Performance Monitoring Evolution
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